High-performance Building Design and Education


Eco Smart Building is a high-performance building engineering and architecture firm, providing QA/QC for Energy Star v3, DOE Challenge Home v2, Passive House consulting services, and professional education classes for design and building professionals.

Mission Statement

ESB is committed to reducing the energy consumption of the built environment, designing client solutions that use performance-based building science, testing and commissioning, and application of renewable and recycled energy systems. Achieving the lowest possible energy and water footprint for our client’s projects starts at the conceptual design by identifying the project's energy targets. Construction administration is a critical component of delivering the building performance the client wants.  Post occupancy, with final testing and commissioning completed, we offer a continuous building commissioning program to ensure the ongoing operations of the project meet or exceed the design energy targets.

ESB’s extensive experience as the industry leader in building science, performance energy auditing, low-energy building design and development has led us into professional training through out the United States, Japan, and Middle East.  We offer training seminars to building professionals in a number of fields, and we continue to develop new training programs on building analysis and design tools in the market.